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Taste the Krunch!

How do I pronounce Knuspi?

We have all been taught that a "K" before "N" at the beginning of a word should be silent. Words like knight, know and knock. But our products are made from the freshest ingredients and pack so much Krunch that we think you should proudly pronounce the K! So go ahead, defy your grade-school teacher and say:


(The Ẽ is pronounced like the "E" at the end of recipe)


Company Introduction


Knuspi® is the North American brand name for a variety of crisp breads, wafers, flours, and other grain and vegetable-based products produced by the company Extrudo Bečice. Extrudo is based in the heart of the fertile breadbasket region of Europe in Czech Republic and has been specializing in the production of unique and innovative food products for over 30 years.

Our food is produced using our own original recipes and crafted for optimum nutritional value, carefully balancing taste and healthy diet considerations. We carry a wide variety of products, many of which are certified organic, gluten-free, vegan or kosher. The products are distributed widely in Europe as well as internationally under Extrudo-owned brand names as well as many private labels.